Who We Are

A non-riding elephant experience focused on education and animal welfare

Project Director

Prasop Tipprasert

Few people have as deep an affinity for elephants as Prasop Tipprasert. After working with them for over three decades - as co-founder and director of the Thai Elephant Conservation Center and extensive work with the National Park Service - his knowledge of both captive and wild elephants is profound.

A pioneer and originator of Positive Reinforcement Training, Prasop has joined us at MandaLao to continue to refine this training and share his understanding of the human and elephant connection with others. Along with training our elephants, mahouts and guides he focuses on interacting with guests. It is as much a treat to hear him tell stories from decades past as it is to gain rare insight into elephants’ emotions and behaviors.

Property Manager

Nouanta Saybuasy

After growing up farming in southern Lao, Nouanta, or “Tata” has worked and lived in all parts this country. Before joining us at MandaLao, Tata ran a highly regarded resort in northern Lao. He is an intuitive and skilled traditional/non-traditional Lao chef, recognized throughout the region for his culinary skill. Caring and warm, you’ll undoubtedly recognize him immediately by his welcoming smile.

The Owners

Michael Vogler

With a background in wildlife and environmental conservation work around the globe, Laos drew Michael in from the first time he visited. He sees MandaLao as part of long-term strategy to create and promote new community-based conservation projects.

Kellen Johnson

More often found camped out in the jungle then in the confines of his home, Kellen’s educational background and years of outdoor adventure guiding and exploration in the rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado have led him to the jungles of Laos. Keep your eyes out for him on the trail!

Roice Davis

After years working in kitchens from New York city to Luang Prabang, Laos, Roice has an undying desire to develop true culinary masterpieces. He brings this experience and passion to MandaLao and helps ensure our guests receive the highest level of hospitality.

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