Wild Elephants


As we are all aware, even the most remote pockets of wilderness left in the world are quickly disappearing. Laos has been gifted with an abundance of ecological diversity and spectacular landscapes that few places on earth can rival. It is our aim to expose travelers to these wonders and put value on protecting them. Without intent and action from Lao citizens and international visitors, the things that make Laos such an amazing place may quickly vanish before our eyes.

Situated approximately 150km southwest of Luang Prabang, Nam Phouy National Protected Area remains one of the last strongholds for wild elephants in Laos. Forty to fifty elephants call it home, as do many other species iconic to Southeast Asian jungles. Unfortunately, the area remains very vulnerable to poaching and illegal logging. In order to help combat these threats we will begin to offer guests tours of the park to view wildlife and assist the World Wildlife Fund in data collection. It is our hope to bring attention and funding to Nam Phouy so that it is better able to protect the land and its inhabitants and ensure its long-term survival.

Nam Phouy NPA

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