An Afternoon of Health and Wellness (6-Person Max)

Treat yourself by treating elephants. After arriving, we will begin with an introduction into elephant behavior, their connections with humans, and how we communicate with one another. We will then have the chance to create our own unique treats for them using various healthy and delicious ingredients. These treats help the elephants get the most nutrition from the food they have been eating all day.

Put all of your healthy elephant cupcake creations in a basket and cross the river in a boat to introduce yourself and your treats to the elephants who no doubt will be waiting patiently. Watch as they savor every delicious bite and flap their ears as a thank you. It’s the perfect time to give hugs before taking a short walk with them back towards their nighttime feeding grounds in the jungle.

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Includes : Transport, snacks (for you and the elephants), and drinks.
Prices : $80 USD per person. *private tours available
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After picking you up from town or your hotel, we will leave Luang Prabang for the village of Xieng Lom. Upon arrival you are invited to have coffee or tea as your guide for the day gives an in-depth introduction to elephant behavior and the ways to interact with them.


Before heading across the river to the elephants, you will create your own delicious snack to help ensure instant friendship with your soon to be elephant friends. Using rice as a base you will have various fruits, herbs and seasonings to mix together and make an elephant health ball.


A quick boat ride across the Nam Khan river will deliver you to the waiting elephants. Your guide will instruct you on how to begin approaching and interacting with them as well as the best way to deliver your handmade treat.


Enjoy feeding the elephants your special creations as they take time to enjoy every last bite. Don’t be surprised if they try to investigate the basket afterwards for any lingering scraps.


After snacks, it’s time to walk with the elephants back towards their nighttime feeding grounds in the jungle. If you’re clever enough and they don’t notice, you may be able to hide a final treat in your bag for a last goodbye hug.


After a drink and snacks at the MandaLao restaurant overlooking the Nam Khan river, you will start the short journey back into the town of Luang Prabang. Arrive approximately 4:30 – 5:00pm.