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Most frequent questions and answers


This is a half-day tour. You’ll be picked up at your hotel at 7:45 and dropped back off around 12:30 pm. The group size is very small, ensuring a very intimate experience – only four people. You will spend this time walking with two adult elephants. The trek is 2.5 kilometers roundtrip. A delicious lunch is included. This is one of our most popular tours – so you are encouraged to book as early as possible.


This is a half-day tour. Pickup time is 9:15 am, at your hotel, and drop-off is around 2:15 pm. The tour is limited to six people. You will spend around 3 hours walking in the jungle alongside two adult elephants. This tour is approximately 4 kilometers roundtrip. Lunch follows at MandaLao. This tour is for those looking for a healthy dose of exercise.


This is a half-day tour and a much easier trek then the “Into the Wild.” Pickup time will either be 8:30 am or 9:15 am, depending on availability, drop off is around 1:15 pm or 1:45 pm. The tour is limited to eight people, and the two enchanting elephants who you will be joining on their walk. This tour is 2.5 kilometers roundtrip and takes you through the jungle and local Lao rice fields. You’ll wrap up your tour with a Lao lunch at MandaLao.


This is our full-day excursion. You will be picked up at 8:30 am or 9:15 am, depending on availability, and dropped off around 3:45 pm or 4:30 pm. This tour may go out together with the half-day “Therapeutic Trek,” In such cases the group size will be up to 8 people for the first half of the day. Then, the “Therapeutic Trek” guests head back to MandaLao and a maximum of only four people will continue for the second half of the day. You will spend your day trekking (5 kilometers round trip) with two adult elephants through the jungle. Lunch will be served Lao style in the forest just before visiting the beautiful Tad Kuang Song waterfall.


MandaLao would love to help make your travels unforgettable. If you are traveling with a big group or looking for a place to host an event, MandaLao is happy to help. We also offer private behind the scenes tours with one of the owners if you are looking for our most comprehensive and unique experience.

We are located approximately 20 kilometers from Luang Prabang city center. The drive takes about 30 minutes.

Trekking with elephants through the jungle can be a messy endeavor. We recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and muddy. Also, a hat can help in the tropical sun and heat.

We provide optional footwear/boots for guests designed specifically for muddy and slippery conditions. Ponchos and umbrellas are available if it’s raining. Guests are provided with water, sunscreen and bug spray, if requested. Lunch is included on select tours.

The jungles of Southeast Asia are synonymous with rain, so our tours run rain and shine. Rain ponchos and umbrellas are available!

You can easily send us a booking request on the “Contact Us” page of our website

If you prefer to email us directly we can be reached at

If you are in town, you can visit us directly at our office in downtown Luang Prabang and book your tour there. You can find us here :

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We accept Visa and Mastercard both at our office and camp. You can pay in either USD or in local Lao Kip.

Our staff is professionally trained to accommodate guests with food allergies and eating preferences. Please advise us before the day of your tour so we can make proper arrangements.

Absolutely, but parents should be aware that the tours do require between three to five kilometers of trekking. For young children we recommend our half-day tours — either the “New Beginnings” or “Therapeutic Trek.” Please be advised refunds will not be given if children are unable to complete the tour.

While most of our tours are moderately difficult, with little to no elevation gain, it can still be tiring walking in the heat. The trails can be very muddy and slippery, especially during the rainy season (June-September)