A Vigorous Half Day Morning Tour (6-Person Max)

Set out in search of one of the world’s largest living land animals hidden in Lao’s diverse and mysterious jungle. After being rescued from logging camps, all of our elephants now enjoy peaceful and rest-filled lives. Your journey will lead you high up into the hills where the elephants spend a large majority of their time feeding on wild vegetation and relaxing.

After you’ve located the giants, it is time to convince them (with some extra sweet fruit) to follow you through the jungle and down to the Huay Nok stream for a drink. From there you meander through its cool waters to the banks of the Nam Khan river. Once on the banks of the river, you will be greeted by Mahouts bearing baskets of bananas and sugar cane. Giving the elephants these treats after an amazing walk through the jungle is the best way to let them know you enjoyed their company — and their appreciation will be undeniable.

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Includes : Lunch, transport, snacks (for you and the elephants), and drinks.
Prices : $100 USD per person. *private tours available
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After picking you up from town or your hotel, we will leave Luang Prabang for the nearby village of Xieng Lom. Upon arrival you are invited to have coffee or tea as your guide for the day provides an in-depth introduction to elephant behavior and the ways to interact with them.


After a quick boat ride across the Nam Khan river, it’s time to begin the trek high up into the jungle-covered hills to find your soon-to-be elephant companions. Make sure to pack plenty of fruit for instant friendship.


Your guide will help you approach and interact with your new friends and will teach you the best way to deliver your special treats.


Continuing your way through the jungle will lead you to a small clearing, opening up a stunning view of the surroundings. Enjoy the serenity of this place while taking a break and enjoying some traditional Lao snacks for a boost of energy.


After descending back down into the valley, you will reach Huay Nok stream and follow its cool waters down to the Nam Khan river.


Once you make it back down to the bank of the river, it’s time for the elephant’s favorite part of the day. Treat time. You’ll have plenty of time to interact with them one-on-one as you feed them their favorite foods. It’s the perfect time for last hugs and to say goodbye to your new friends.


When you get back to MandaLao, you will head to the restaurant and enjoy a delicious fresh Lao meal made from our own organically grown produce. There you can relax, kick-back, and process the day’s experiences on the veranda overlooking the river and misty mountains.


Following lunch you will take the short ride back into Luang Prabang and have one more chance to ask your guides any lingering questions. You will arrive back by approximately 2:30pm.