Learn How to Become an Elephant Whisperer


Our tours leave Luang Prabang every morning for the 30-minute drive to the MandaLao restaurant on the banks of the beautiful Nam Khan river. Read below to see where the adventure leads from there.


We offer a variety of tours ranging from a few hours to full day experiences. Click on the links below to find the perfect option for you.


  • 1 THERAPEUTIC TREK (Morning Half Day)

    Half Day Morning Excursion (8-Person Max)

    Explore the mysterious beauty of the Lao jungle with our recently rescued elephants as your companions. This journey is a perfect way for these happy elephants to enjoy a walk in their natural habitat after decades of hard labor in logging camps. It also offers you a once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn from and absorb their calming energy.

    MandaLao’s guides and mahouts will teach you how to understand the ways in which elephants and humans communicate with one another. Once this connection is made it’s almost impossible not to see many of our own emotions in them—a life-changing experience with animals so seemingly different from us.


    Full Day Excursion (4-People Max)

    This exceptional and highly personalized full-day expedition begins with the Therapeutic Trek described above with the addition of another half-day of incredible Lao experiences. The Inside the Hearts of Elephants tour ensures you have both the time and proximity to deeply connect and interact with your own special elephant. After you enjoy a fresh, traditional Lao lunch in the jungle, you will start off on a walk to a seldom-seen and hidden gem of a waterfall, where you can wade, meditate, or stand under its softly flowing showers.

    You will end this full and deeply satisfying day by escorting your elephant companions to their feeding grounds before honoring them with your friendship and bidding them farewell until you meet again!

  • 3 NEW BEGINNINGS (Morning Half Day)

    A Baby Elephant Excursion

    Embark on a once in a lifetime experience and the only one of its kind in Laos. After coming to us from a logging camp in western Laos, our baby elephant nicknamed “Kit” has become a key part of our vision for the future. This young elephant is being trained using positive reinforcement and loving care - this is in sharp contrast to the traditional "breaking" process of physical abuse and fear - and the separation of young elephants from their mothers.

    We invite you to learn about this new training process largely pioneered by Prasop Tipprasert in hope that these techniques will be adopted throughout the region and in other elephant-inhabited countries. You will have an intimate and exclusive opportunity to get to know this baby elephant while hiking up a cool mountain stream in the jungles of Laos. This is a unique chance to participate in something entirely new with a potential to change the future of elephant welfare in Laos and other elephant-inhabited countries.

  • 4 INTO THE WILD (Morning Half Day Tour)

    Exploring the Jungle

    Set out in search of one of the world’s largest living land animals hidden in Lao’s diverse and mysterious jungle. After being rescued from logging camps, all of our elephants now enjoy peaceful and rest-filled lives. Your journey will lead you high up into the hills where the elephants spend a large majority of their time feeding on wild vegetation and relaxing.

    After you’ve located the giants, it’s time to convince them (with some extra sweet fruit) to follow you through the forest and down to Huay Nok stream for a drink. From there you meander through its cool waters to the banks of the Nam Khan river. Once on the banks of the river, you will be greeted by Mahouts bearing baskets of bananas and sugar cane. Giving the elephants these treats after an amazing walk through the jungle is the best way to let them know you enjoyed their company - and their appreciation will be undeniable.


    An Afternoon of Health and Wellness (6-Person Max)

    Treat yourself by treating elephants. After arriving, we will begin with an introduction into elephant behavior, their connections with humans, and how we communicate with one another. We will then have the chance to create our own unique treats for them using various healthy and delicious ingredients. These treats help the elephants get the most nutrition from the food they have been eating all day.

    Put all of your healthy elephant cupcake creations in a basket and cross the river in a boat to introduce yourself and your treats to the elephants who no doubt will be waiting patiently. Watch as they savor every delicious bite and flap their ears as a thank you. It's the perfect time to give hugs before taking a short walk with them back towards their nighttime feeding grounds in the jungle.